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Art Meets People Zanzibar

Art Meets People Zanzibar, the project began in 2021 from the collaboration with local artists and evolved into a collection of paintings, inspired by the cultural heritage of Stone Town (Unesco World Heritage Center). The purchased works were handed to DESA UNICUM to promote the cultural dialogue, StoneTown heritage and local talented artists.

The profound value of the project was the collaboration of 3 foundations (Porta Foundation, Omenaa Foundation, Art Meets People) during a panel discussion in Desa Unicum, widely accessible by Runvido Application. Art Meets People organized a meeting at the crossroads of cultures, also a meeting of the world that needs help with the world that can provide this help. Art became space for authentic cooperation and humanism.

Women (Agnieszka Pietruszka, Lidia Nwolisa, Renata Plaga, Joanna Wieczorek) spoke about working with African art, street children, and tribal elders. Using the Runvido application, we could move into the world of these women authentically.

* Install the free Runvido application ( on your phone/Launch Runvido and point the camera at the image of E.S. Tingatinga.,1,

Organised by Art Meets People


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