Art meets People is multi-dimentional platform created by Renata Plaga, Polish artist and curator. For any inquiry please contact Renata directly or send the message to:

Renata Plaga

Renata Plaga, polish artist and art curator with worldwide recognition. Her poetry collections have been published since 2007: She created the unique language of narration, short essential forms of words combined with photos and music as albums, movies and installations.

Her trace was visible in polish and American galleries, urban spaces, breaking stereotypes of thoughts and conventions.

She graduated Sociology and Journalism from the University of Warsaw. For several years she has been an expert in communication strategy and has worked with commercial brand and clients, also she has taken a substantial part in several social campaigns. In 2014 she initiated ART MEETS PEOPLE – a platform which works with art in social fields and business.

Her art management was enrich by experience from New York City where she used to work as Deputy Director of Polish Cultural Institute.