Meet artists

Janusz Gilewicz

The Polish-american painter, whos works have been recognized by Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Moby, Eric Clapton and more prominent clients.

Gilewicz’ work has carried him around the world. With numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Japan, Brazil and United States , he shared with the viewer his appreciation of beauty, mystery and harmony. 

“My desire is to express mystery and beauty through art while awakening a recognition of those qualities in the viewer. The painting then becomes a mirror that awakens the artist and the viewer while transporting each beyond the boundaries of politics , culture and religion “ – Gilewicz says.

Gilewicz lives and works in New York City, he used to collaborate with Renata Plaga, as the curator of his exhibition in Warsaw: ,,Gilewicz Abstracts, Warsaw, Tokyo, New York” Teustch Gallery, Warsaw 2019