Meet artists

Jonathan Roy

American artist who decided to settle in Warsaw, and develop the unique dialogue with urban culture here. He has graduated from Columbia University and has been a successful architect, graphic designer in NYC for more than 25 years. His academic approach is significantly visible in his work, where surreal expression mix up with mathematic precision. He tried to portray NYC as a more generic „city” and all its eccentricities, now he follows the same curiosity in Warsaw. He maintain the meaningful dialouge with pop culture by the famous comics creature Walter, who seems to be like a Roy’ avatar and the same time to depict reality with philosophical and joyful distance.  

,,The Walter paintings were a whimsical departure from the more rigid mediums of graphic design, architectures, and comics. With Walter there was the opportunity for a ton of playfulness— lots of color and energy, and the fun of inventing amusing situations to throw the weird little kid into.” – Roy said. 

We can help you to enrich your art collection through his multicultural touch.