Art for People

Streets of The World - Warsaw

On July 4, 2020, in The New World of Music in Warsaw, under the banner of freedom and tolerance, almost PLN 40,000 was collected for the Porta Foundation, the money enabled the continuation of the anti-discrimination education project among children, adolescents and adults. The event was held under the patronage of the ; and the Aesco Group, Nowy Świat Muzyki. In the friendly space of the New World of Music, art, business and social activity met. Works for the auction organized by ART MEETS PEOPLE were donated by exceptional artists: Tomek Sikora, Rafał Milach, Piotr Młodożeniec, Julia Jankilevitsch, Janusz Gilewicz, Bartek Maciejewski, Danuta Nawrocka, Marta Nawrocka, Karolina Ratajczyk, and Beata Szałwińska. The auction was preceded by the screening of “Streets of The World – WARSAW”, a joint project of Renata Plaga and Tomek Sikora, which in a minimalist, poetic and film form reflects the culture of the contemporary city. Tomasz Sikora’s film from Renata Plaga’s haiku was presented with exceptional accompaniment by Buby Badjie Kuyateha – a virtuoso of the bark – a West African harp. The bidders appreciated the artistry of the young artists: the painting by Julia Jankilevitsch reached the value of PLN 14,000. PLN. It is also of great importance that for 5 thousand. PLN, a banner prepared by Bianka Nwolisa for a demonstration at the US Embassy in Warsaw was auctioned. A month later, the action inspired the editorial staff of Vouqe Polska, which chose Bianka Nwolisa as the face of the global HOPE campaign.